College of Nursing
Approved by INC, Affiliated to Baba Farid University, Faridkot.

    Anti-Ragging Cell

    S No. Name Designation Mobile No.
    1 Dr. Chander Mohan Campus Director 9988891210
    2 Prof. Meenakshi. S. Chand Principal 8054644817
    3 Mr. Kuldeep Rana Director Admin 9060800022

    Anti-Ragging Committee

    S No. Name Designation Mobile No.
    1 Mrs. Manpreet Kaur Assistant Professor 9872829713
    2 Mrs. Gurpreet Clinical Instructor 9814136487
    3 Mrs. Monika Clinical Instructor 7696247181
    4 Mrs. Indu Bala Clinical Instructor 8447947217

    Anti-Ragging Sqaud Members

    S No. Name Designation Mobile No.
    1 Mrs. Raj Kiran Assistant Professor 9464287597
    2 Ms. Shivani Tutor 8219547829
    3 Ms. Harinder Clinical Instructor 7009688867

    Anti- Ragging Monitoring Committee Members

    S No. Name Designation Mobile No.
    1 Ms. Kanchan Assistant Professor 9779766673
    2 Ms. Nancy Tutor 7018546617
    3 Mrs. Raj Kiran Assistant Professor 9464287597
    4 Ms. Shivani Tutor 8219547829

    In the meeting of all Registrar’s, State Nursing Council’s and secretaries of Nursing Examination Board held on 9th-10th Jan 2015 and during meeting on 20th-21st Feb. 2015 at Panvel on the following issues were reiterated.

    • Follow UGC Regulation, 2009 on curbing the menace of ragging (available on INC website).
    • Ensuring online undertaking by the students and parents in prescribed format regarding anti-ragging (website: amanmovement.org).
    • All the students and faculty and staff of college of nursing beware of the following anti-ragging number and website for reporting incidence of ragging occurring in any college:
    • National anti-ragging help line 1800-1805522 (Toll Free).
    • Email: helpline@antiragging.in
    • Ask website (amanmovement.org email: kachrooraj@gmail.com)
    • UGC’s website (ugc.ac.in) email: raggingcell@yahoo.in

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